Cleansing Kit

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A patient cleansing system from Confident Care specifically designed for patients who are bedridden or who find it hard to use or tolerate showers. Cleansing Kit contains 4 packs of disposable washcloths, 2 packs of perineal treatment gloves, 2 shampoo caps and 4 packs of adult wipes.

  • complementary range of single use products
  • work together to cleanse and nourish skin and scalp without irritation
  • environmentally friendly
  • reduce laundering costs and risk of cross infection
  • conforms to ARTG154122 (Perineal Treatment Glove), ARTG221683 (Adult Wipes), ARTG221684 (Bedbath washcloth) and ARTG221682 (Shampoo Cap)
Quick Facts
Kit Includes4 x disposable washcloths; 2 x perineal treatment gloves, 2 x shampoo caps; 4 x adult wipes.
UseSingle use only
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