Elephant Feet Bed Raisers

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Bed Raisers can be used to increase the height of a bed, lounge chair, couch or table, allowing you to match ideal user requirements for easy use and comfort. Bed Raisers can also be used to raise one end of a bed, to create a slight incline, which can be helpful in the management of some digestive, respiratory and circulatory problems.

Constructed from durable, high impact plastic, these stackable Elephant Feet Bed Raisers are available in 3 different heights. Furniture must be sufficiently heavy to remain stable on top of the raisers.

  • designed to accommodate square and round furniture legs up to 65 mm in width
  • Bed Raiser Mats available for added stability and security
  • sold in sets of 4 or individually
  • set of four holds up to 250 kg (furniture and user inclusive)
Quick Facts
40 mm Raiser100 mm Raiser140 mm Raiser
Base Width125 mm198 mm198 mm
Warranty1 year
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