JAY Lite Cushion

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The JAY® Lite Cushion is an extremely lightweight foam cushion that provides superior pressure distribution, heat and moisture dissipation and optimal stability in a maintenance free design. Foam base is mildly contoured to encourage proper positioning of the pelvis and thighs. The OptiWell™ pelvic loading area is optimally shaped and sized to evenly
distribute pressure under the pelvis without extreme strain.

Cut-outs under the bony prominences of the pelvis and scooped reticulated foam inserts also significantly reduce reaction forces that are caused by foam compression.

  • ultra lightweight at only 750 grams
  • bevelled to fit between wheelchair seat rails
  • fully washable, moisture-resistant incontinence cover
  • non-skid bottom for increased security
Quick Facts
Height85 mm
Capacity113 kg
Weight750 g
Warranty1 year
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