Pride Synergy Spectrum Gel Cushion

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The Pride Synergy Spectrum Gel® Cushion takes the benefits of the Solution Gel Cushion (a contoured high density memory foam base with gel insert) to a higher level with the addition of revised gel packs, a solid seat pan and a bottoming out pad. Suited for users at medium to high risk of pressure injury, or with moderate to high skin protection needs.

  • lateral and pre-ischial shelf contoured into high-density moulded foam base
  • twin-cell, aqueous gel insert under at-risk bony areas
  • visco elastic total top layer
  • visco foam bottoming out pad
  • solid seat pan insert
  • lateral and anti-thrust support for moderate positioning
  • four-way stretch incontinence cover with water resistant inner liner and non-slip base
Quick Facts
Height76 mm
Capacity159 kg
Weight1 kg
Warranty2 year
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